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Catalytic Converter

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Are you looking for Catalytic Converter Replacement Service in London?

A catalytic converter transforms hazardous pollutants into less harmful pollutants. A catalytic converter helps transform emissions like hydrocarbon, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, etc., into water vapour and carbon dioxide.

Is your vehicle emitting dark fumes lately? It can be due to clogged catalytic converters. In such a scenario, come to White Rose Motors. We are a team of experienced automotive technicians trained to carry out catalytic converter replacements London at budget-friendly rates.

How does a catalytic converter work?

The interior of the cat con comprises a honeycomb structure with a catalytic coating. The catalysts react with the exhaust gases, changing their chemical structure.

Elements inside the catalytic converter, like rhodium, palladium, and platinum, help transform the harmful gases into less hazardous pollutants. The cat con is situated close to the exhaust outlet.

What are the signs of catalytic converter issues?

The life span of a catalytic converter is around ten years. However, it can sustain premature damage due to clogging or other issues. When you come to us, our experts will conduct a comprehensive catalytic converter inspection and provide a suitable solution.

Make sure to opt for our services of catalytic converter repair London if you notice the following signs:

Poor acceleration

It is one of the prominent symptoms of a clogged catalytic converter. A clogged catalytic converter usually restricts the flow of exhaust out of the engine. Make sure to visit us for a prompt solution.

Rattling noise while starting the engine

If you hear a rattling sound when starting the engine, this could be due to a broken catalyst. Contact our facility for a prompt catalytic converter repair and replacement London.

Check engine lights

If the cat con malfunctions, the air-to-fuel ratio will increase and may trigger the Check Engine light. Make sure to opt for a professional inspection of the catalytic converter.

During the catalytic converter service and replacement London, our experts thoroughly inspect the catalytic converter system. Then they replace the faulty or worn-out cat con to ensure you get superior performance.

Why opt for a catalytic converter service?

Ignoring the signs of a clogged or damaged catalytic converter for a long time can affect the engine’s performance.

Opting for a catalytic converter servicing will be beneficial in various ways:

  • Increasing vehicle acceleration
  • Controlling the emission of hazardous pollutants
  • Maintaining car engine performance

Conclude your ‘catalytic converter service near me’ searches and reach us. We are at Coppetts Centre, North Circular Road, London, N12 0AJ.

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