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Tyres, Services & Body Repair Ilford

Ilford is a metropolitan centre in East London, England. Do you often cross this area while commuting to your workplace? If yes, then you must be aware of the best garages near this location to stay prepared in case your vehicle breaks down.

White Rose Motors is a garage offering the best car services in this region. We are just 13.3 miles away from your location. You will need only 20 minutes to reach us via A406 and N Circular Rd/A406 streets.

However, if you are unable to commute to our garage due to a breakdown of your car, you can call us at 02084 451050. We will pick up the vehicle from your location and, after service, drop it back at your desired destination.

Additionally, we have the latest machines and trained technicians to offer the best services in the least turn-around time and at affordable rates.

Want to check out the car services Ilford that we offer?

Our Car Services

Wheel Alignment

If you notice symptoms such as off-centred steering, juddering in the steering column, poor cornering precision and so on, there is a possibility of wheel misalignment. Some of the reasons behind misalignment of the wheel include incorrect tyre pressure, driving on unpaved roads, incorrect wheel installation and so on.

Our technicians will inspect your vehicle from all three angles, camber, caster, and toe, to assess the misalignment. We have the latest aligners, that is, the Hunter 4-Wheel Alignment machine, to fix your vehicle’s wheels in the least turn-around time. Additionally, we also offer 4-wheel alignment for your vehicle at cost-effective rates.

Full Service

It comprises two types of services, A and B, which you can select as per your vehicle’s use. The frequency of A Service varies with the use of your vehicle. However, the frequency of B Service varies with your vehicle’s type.

Service A includes checking fluid levels, inspecting brake components, replacing oil filter of your vehicle, checking tyre pressure and so on. Service B includes changing brake fluid, replacing oil filter, replacing the cabin dust filter, inspecting brake components and correcting tyre pressure.


We are a DVSA-certified garage that offers MOT Ilford. You can also get an MOT test for your vehicle free of cost if you opt for full service from our garage. We have expert technicians to thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s parts and issue a certificate accordingly.

We will provide a VT20 certificate if our technicians find no faults or only minor issues with your vehicle. However, if there are major or dangerous issues, we will provide a VT30 certificate. In case you receive a VT30 certificate during MOT test, you must resolve those issues within ten working days. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to drive legally on the streets of the UK.

Suspension Replacement

If you notice an increase in bumpy rides during your journey, there might be an issue with the suspension of your vehicle. Some other symptoms that you can look for are tilting of the car on one side, reduction in cornering precision and so on. So without undue delay, bring your vehicle to our garage in such situations.

Our mechanics will perform thorough checks of your vehicle. Based on that, they will replace the damaged suspension parts with OE-grade spares. Once done, we ensure increased longevity of the suspension of your vehicle.

Other Services That We Offer

  • Clutch Replacement
  • Exhaust Repairs
  • Brake Replacement
  • Timing Belts
  • Catalytic Converter Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Car Body Repair
  • Ad Blue Top Up
  • Cam Belt Replacement
  • Car Battery Replacement
  • Brake Fluid Change
  • Interim Oil Service
  • 24/7 Breakdown Service
  • Car Body Repair

So you can put an end to your search for “car services near me” and book our services today.

This will save you time as you will not have to wait in long queues to service your vehicle. All you need is your car’s registration number.

We service cars from top manufacturers such as Mini Cooper, Ford, Vauxhall, Nissan, Smart, Landover, Jaguar, Range Rover, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche, Hyundai, Volvo, Honda, Seat, Skoda, Transporters, Toyota, Kia, Fiat, and Lexus. Also, after the service, we update the relevant information on its manufacturer’s official website for future reference.

We have an extensive collection of branded car tyres Ilford that includes Dunlop, Nexen, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli, Roadstone, Michelin, and Hankook among others. Also, we have several variants of these tyres Ilford, including All-Season, Winter, Summer, Run-Flat, 4X4, and Performance.

You can also buy tyres online directly from the website. However, if you are unsure about selecting the right tyre, use our tyre finder tool.

You can locate us at Coppetts Centre, North Circular Road, London, N12 0AJ. We are open on all days of the week. However, the timings differ slightly. We operate between 7:30 am and 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday and between 8:30 am to 7:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Opening Times

  • Monday 07:30 - 19:00
  • Tuesday 07:30 - 19:00
  • Wednesday 07:30 - 19:00
  • Thursday 07:30 - 19:00
  • Friday 07:30 - 19:00
  • Saturday 08:30 - 19:00
  • Sunday 08:30 - 19:00
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