A single commercial vehicle or an entire fleet, vans or motorcycles, we’ll make sure your commercial vehicle stays on the road and in the best possible condition. We’re open 7 days a week so any disruption to your business can be kept to a minimum.

Commercial Vehicle Servicing

Ensure your Commercial Vehicle is running at its peak with regular services. Our expert team will give you accurate and honest advice for all of your Commercial Vehicle servicing needs. We use original main dealer approved parts and work to dealer approved procedures to ensure your warranty will not be affected. We’ll also maintain your full service history ensuring the value of your car stays as high as possible.


Commercial Vehicle MOT

You don’t have to wait for your MOT to expire. Bring your commercial vehicle in for an MOT up to 28 days before it is due to expire. We use the latest emissions test systems, and offer a free retest if you bring your commercial vehicle back to us within 10 days.


Commercial Vehicle Tyres

Need tyres for your commercial vehicle? We offer the most competitive priced tyres in North London.We have a wide range of premium and budget tyres for you to choose from. Because your safety is our highest priority, we do not supply second hand tyres. We’ll help you to choose the best tyres for your commercial vehicle, and provide you with free fitting and balancing and dispose of your old tyres.


We offer 10% off Wheel
Alignment when you purchase 4 tyres from us


Commercial Vehicle – Nitrogen Filled Tyres

Do you want your commercial vehicle to benefit from better handling, improved fuel economy and increased tyre lifespan? If your answer is yes, we would advise choosing Nitrogen to fill your tyres. Nitrogen is not only better for your commercial vehicle, but it also doesn’t affect the accuracy of the your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. We have invested in specialist equipment to suck the air out of your tyres and fill with Nitrogen. For more information see what the AA says Click here


Commercial Vehicle Wheel Alignment

To ensure your commercial vehicle drives smoothly, maximises its fuel economy and doesn’t suffer from unnecessary wheel damage, come to us to get your wheels aligned. Our dedicated wheel alignment technician, Luke, uses a state of the art 4 wheel laser alignment system to check, identify and reset your commercial vehicle’s wheel alignment.


Commercial Vehicle Body Repair

Scratches, scuffs, dents or damage from a major crash? We will get your commercial vehicle back to its original condition. We are insurance approved and can even help with your insurance claim.


When you bring your commercial vehicle t o us, we go above and beyond to ensure the process is as stress free and convenient for you as possible. As well as being open 7 days a week, we offer:

Courtesy car
Local Collection and Delivery
Lift to and from a local destination

So whether your commercial vehicle needs a clutch, brakes, engine, suspension, replacement or repair, you can relax, knowing that White Rose Motors will take care of everything.